Website Identity Clarification

The name used on this website, BitQT, is solely for the purpose of identification and the provision of services offered here. It does not represent an independent corporate entity.

Data Collaboration

Our network encompasses a diverse range of companies. By providing us with your personal information, you acknowledge that we may share it with these companies, including those operating within the cryptocurrency industry but not directly affiliated with us. These companies may utilize your information for their own business objectives. Your submission of information implies your consent to this arrangement.

Trading Hazards

Engaging in cryptocurrency trading carries inherent risks, and there is a possibility of losing some or all of your invested funds. Statistically, approximately 70% of investors experience financial losses. Prior to commencing trading activities, it is crucial to carefully read and comprehend all the terms, conditions, and warnings specified by any third-party investment platform.

User Obligation and Compliance

Users of BitT are solely responsible for understanding and adhering to all applicable laws, regulations, and rules specific to their jurisdiction with regard to trading cryptocurrency CFDs. BitQT does not selectively filter traffic based on jurisdiction; any filtering, if employed, is carried out by affiliate networks or brokers. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that their activities align with the legal requirements of their jurisdiction before participating in any trading activities.

Our Operational Model

BitQT does not endorse or sell any particular trading system or broker. Our primary function is to connect leads with affiliate networks, from which we generate revenue. Our promotional efforts are solely focused on optimizing search engine visibility (SEO) for our website.

Responsibility and Broker Associations

BitQT facilitates connections to affiliate networks that may redirect users to various trading platforms or brokers. It is important to note that BitQT does not assume responsibility for the operations, terms, conditions, or outcomes associated with these third-party trading platforms or brokers. Users are strongly advised to carefully review and comprehend the terms and conditions of these platforms prior to engaging in any transactions or investments. We urge users to conduct their own due diligence and exercise caution.

Brand Mentions

If you come across references to BitQT outside of this website, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the accuracy or legitimacy of such content. These mentions are neither authorized nor under our control, and we assume no responsibility for them. We strongly recommend exercising caution, conducting independent research, and not relying solely on external content when making decisions related to cryptocurrency trading or investment.

Legal Notifications

In the United States, soliciting individuals to buy or sell commodity options is unlawful unless these options are listed for trading on a registered exchange or possess legal exemptions.

Website Content

All images and videos presented on this website are purely for illustrative purposes.

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